Funding Priorities: FY 2015 Priority Setting and Resource Allocation

The goal of the Greater Baltimore HIV Health Services Planning Council is to fund the services that people living with HIV/AIDS need the most.

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For details on the federal Ryan White program, read about HRSA's HIV/AIDS Program Legislation.

To view a history of Part A allocations and expenditures for the Baltimore EMA and all EMAs across the country, see HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau's Grantee Allocation and Expenditure Reports.

View FY 2015's priorities and funding allocations:

  • FY 2015 Part A and MAI Allocations (funds allocated for services across the entire EMA). This document shows funding allocations under two funding contingencies: (a) a funding loss using the current 75/25 percent allocation restrictions and (b) funding loss contingent on approval of a 75/25 percent allocation waiver for both the Part A and Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) grants.

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